The Convenience of Grab n’ Go Just Got Smarter

Micro Markets are a convenient, hands-on shopping experience for your employees or guests to grab fresh food, frozen meals, and fresh-ground coffee without having to go off-site. Whoever needs to eat, your micro-market is a convenient way to offer fresh, delicious meals, snacks, and hot or cold beverages to-go.

As a convenient and affordable food option, your micro can offer anything from fresh or frozen yummy meals, freshly ground hot coffee, and even ice cream from a store that is always open. Setting up the micro-market is simple, and our service team makes stocking fresh food and drinks effortless. With a small footprint, your micro-market is accessible anytime as a healthy vending option – perfect for offices of all sizes, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities.

Offer healthier meal options including:

  • Sandwiches & Wraps
  • Fresh Fruits & Vegetable Trays
  • Yogurt & Cottage Cheese
  • Cold or Frozen Meals for reheating
  • Ice cream

Feeding Your Crew Has Never Been Easier

With your micro market, you’ll be outfitted with the latest technology, including coolers that showcase the products, touchscreen purchasing, and 24/7 kiosks for those 3 AM snackers. Our state-of-the-art bean to cup coffee brewing systems allows you to watch your coffee beans being ground fresh and brewed before your eyes, customized to your preferences with creamer and sugar options available.

Getting Hungry? Let’s Talk.

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