Micro Markets are a hot new trend that is taking the vending business by storm. Micro Markets can transform your employee break room into a convenience store feel. We will bring the product menu and services of the local convenience store to your work place. Looking for more than just traditional vending snacks? Micro Marts can bring truly HEALTHIER products to your employees such as sunflower seeds, salads, quality protein bars, fresh fruits and veggies. Micro Marts come with a customizable touch screen kiosk and a state of the art inventory management system that will tell us what is selling and not. Each store will have a self-checkout kiosk where customers can pay for their products in 5 seconds or less. The Kiosk also allows employees to pay using cash, credit or payroll deduction. Let us show you what a Micro Market is and why this self mini convenience store will be a success at your location.

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