Allied Refreshment Company, Inc. is a Missouri Corporation created as a family business in 1986. Allied Refreshment Co. specializes in full-line vending of food and beverage products. Our product line consists of nationally recognized labels and brands.

Our centralized geographical location makes it convenient for service to our customers throughout the entire Kansas City metroplex. Because service is the primary focus of full-service vending, centralized location is of the utmost importance to an operation.

Since the inception of our company we have grown to become one of the largest full-line vending operations in the Kansas City area. Our primary demographical focus has been related to educational institutions, where we do the majority of our business. This being the case our company is very familiar with all aspects of school related vending.

It is our intention to remain consistent with our approach to the core of our business and continue to increase our market share in this as well as other segments of the vending industry. Our ultimate goal is to grow at a steady pace without ever jeopardizing our service and relationship with our customers.